Autumn Amazing - XH-002

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Autumn Amazing Premium Hand Crafted Vertical Garden

800mm x 800mm High Quality Commercial Plant Panel 

  1. Perfect DIY Project (easy to install) – instructions available
  2. UV engineered to give prolonged life
  3. Highly durable and reusable in different areas (interior or exterior).
  4. Provides an evergreen setting.
  5. Extremely dense and lifelike in appearance.
  6. Easy to cut to shape and manipulate to size.
  7. Low maintenance – no watering, trimming or spraying required.


This Autumn style plant panel creates a rich tapestry on any wall and from a short distance create the appearance of a existent upstanding garden, a perfect screening for privacy and the like.

Easy to cut to shape with a pair of tin snips, the high quality metal backing given it a sturdy platform to apply to most surfaces

The panels are sold in 800mm x 800mm square and each is made up of a high quality galvanized stainless steel backing

Maintenance involves washing down with a hose to remove dust. If they are in an outdoor area the rain will take care of most of the cleaning.

Installation Tip: This Screening is used as a feature or backdrop as its effects are quite intriguing and outstanding