SPC wall tile installation guide

Recommended Tools:

  • Silicon gun
  • Pencil
  • Measuring tape
  • Spirit level
  • Safety glasses/gloves
  • Cutting tools (circular saw/jig saw/fine tooth hand saw)

Step 1 – cleaning surface -

  • Clean the entire surface of the walls you wish to install onto with light cleaning chemicals, no heavy-duty chemicals are needed. You can even clean with sugar soap. Dry off the surface then go over with a microfiber cloth to remove all extra dust. If the wall isn’t properly cleaned the adhesive won’t stick properly which will lead to problems in the future.

Step 2 – starting install –

  • Its always best to start installs by attaching the internal corner trim first (for use in non wet areas). Measure and cut to necessary size. Fix the corner trim to the wall with adhesive or twelve-millimetre screws at the edge of the trim. Your SPC wall panels should be climatised to the area for 48 hours in the area they are being installed in and should not be stored or installed in direct sunlight.
  • While not completely necessary, we do recommend that you water proof the wall prior to installation if you would prefer to have an extra reassurance for your DIY project.

Step 3 – measuring and cutting panel –

  • Measure the height of the walls and compare to the height of the SPC wall. Measure and cut if required. Place the SPC to the wall with no adhesive to make sure alterations are correct before applying.

Step 4 – cutting around fittings –

  • When cutting around bath or shower fittings, leave a 2mm gap. This will be filled with sealant after installation of the panels.
  • When cutting around showers or bath trays. Leave a 4mm gap. You can use a shim to achieve this.
  • Always leave for 24 hours for the panels to set before adding shower accessories.

Step 5 – apply adhesive –

  • Apply at least two tubes of adhesive per SPC panel in a snaking pattern. This amounts to 900ml of adhesive per panel. These amounts are for a full 3000mm x 1200mm panel, if sizing has changed subtract the appropriate amount. Once placed against the wall apply pressure across the panels to smooth out any air pockets. Be sure to place each panel without adhesive one at a time to ensure your panels have been cut correctly.

Step 6 – joining panels –

  • When joining multiple SPC panels you can apply joining strips to divide the panels or bump them together to have a seamless join. Making sure the panels are in a correct order A, B, C, D

Step 7 – Fill in gaps with sealant –

  • This is one of the most important steps! When you’re done installing the panels you need to fill in all the gaps/joins of the panels with sealant to prevent water getting through. Ensure that the sealant is applied consistently and without air bubbles. Clean off the surface to create a clean finish before the sealant dries.

Step 8 – finalizing installation –

  • You need to wait a minimum of 24 hours for the panels to cure before applying the fixtures/ accessories. Once the sealant is dry and accessories are applied you can now enjoy your SPC panel.