Cladding Installation Guide

Aurora Cladding Installation Guide


Follow this simple DIY guide on how to install wall cladding. If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to contact us



composite cladding how to install guide

1) When installing to a non timber wall, eg. brick, metal, etc. Install battens securely to the wall at a distance of no more than 500mm apart.

composite cladding wall feature

2) Please select the installation order in accordance with the wall’s shape. We suggest to install from the corner of wall, in most circumstances. This provides a neater finish at the end of the installation.

composite cladding wall feature how to install cladding guide

3) Firstly, fasten the external edge banding on the joist/corner.

4) After you have installed the external edge banding, add the standard cladding board.

how to install composite cladding installation guide

5) Repeat this process until you reach the end of the wall. Allow space for the strip piece and edge banding.

6) Install the corner banding first, leaving space for the strip piece to wedge into place.

composite cladding how to install cladding feature wall

7) After assembling of the corner edge banding, then install the strip.

8) After the installation of external edge banding on one side, then install the external edge banding on the other side.

how to install feature wall composite cladding


9) Continue to install the cladding boards until the completion of the wall.

10) Go on to install the cladding panels for another wall. Repeat the steps above until your composite cladding wall is complete.