Kiln dried artificial grass sand - 20kg

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Extremely fine silica-based sand, scientifically designed for reduced water retention allowing for superior water permeability. The kiln dried artificial grass sand is used to complete your new grass installation by binding with the curly yarn layer within the base of the grass. The layer of sand helps to provide added strength to the base of the grass blade, helping your new grass to stand straighter and stronger.

1 bag of silica sand suits 8-10 square metres of artificial grass.

In high traffic areas, apply 1 bag of artificial grass sand per 5-7 square metres.

Used to finish the installation of artificial grass, spread evenly to help weigh down the centre of the grass.

  • Suitable for home and sporting fields.
  • Assists in keeping artificial grass upright.
  • adds extra life to synthetic turf and keeps it looking lush longer.
  • Child and pet safe.