SPC joining band strip 3.0m - Bronze gold steel

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For installations where minimal glue is required, use our range of SPC joining bands to reduce the need for glue applications. Simply screw the metal bands directly to the walls studs and slot the spc panels within the grooves. When installed correctly, this allows for minimal - no glue.

Effortlessly join corners with the SPC corner join strip made of durable stainless steel. Keep your walls looking neat and professional while ensuring long-lasting durability. No more worrying about unsightly corner gaps or cracks. Perfect for any home or commercial space.

Frequently asked questions

SPC wall panels are a fairly rigid material which are incredibly dense,
cost effective and a highly realistic marble alternative.

SPC is the abbreviation of “Stone Polymer Composite” also known as “Stone
Plastic Composite”. Their composition is made up reclaimed stone particles and
stabilizers like polyester for strength.

SPC wall panels are incredibly versatile, featuring a range of benefits,
such as waterproof, fireproof, mildew proof, easy to clean, easy to install and
all at a fraction of the price.

SPC wall panels can be applied to wet and dry areas such as bathrooms,
kitchens, foyers, entertaining areas, creating feature walls and more.

Achieve the luxurious appearance of marble stone, without to hefty price

SPC wall panels are also more cost effective than tiles while also
providing a much more exclusive and prestigious finish.

Scratch resistant

SPC wall panels feature a transparent surface coating. This protective
layer, increases the surface protection against scratches and wearing to the
wall panel. The sturdy sub layer of the SPC wall panel provides additional
strength and resistance to bumps and knocks.


SPC wall panels are 100% waterproof, making them a cost effective, safe
to use and easier to install than traditional tiling or marble walls. Simply
water proof seal your wall where required and install the SPC wall panels. You
can follow our installation guide for more info.

Hygienic and stain resistant

SPC wall panels area also stain resistant, which provide you with a
lower maintenance area. As they do not require any grout and are non porous,
they do not require harsh chemicals when cleaning due to their mould proof
properties. A simple wipe down with a damp cloth or gentle cleaning product is
all it takes to keep them looking brand new.

Extra large size

Our models of SPC wall panels are the largest on the market, meaning you
can cover larger areas with less joins and enjoy more versatility when cutting
to suite your size. 

Fire resistant

Due to its stone components and fire retardant plastic components, SPC
wall panels are fire resistant, making them an ideal solution for use in fire
risk areas such as kitchen splash back walls, etc.

Environmentally friendly

SPC wall panels do not produce any harmful chemicals or odours, making
them a safe product for families and pets.

Stable performance

SPC wall panels are designed to be exceptional stable once installed
correctly and will not deform or warp over time under normal usage.

Flexible applications

SPC wall panels can be cut to your desired shape, size or pattern as
well as being slightly flexible prior to installation so they can be partially
curved when required.

Easy to install

SPC wall panels are easy to install. They can be glued to a wall much
like a tile and are designed to be installed using the metal joiners or even
butted tightly to each other to create a more seamless appearance.

Noise reduction

Due to their dense design, SPC wall panels have superb sound absorption
properties and can reduce the amount of noise that enters a room by up to 50%.


Replicating the luxurious
and natural appearance of real marble at a fraction of the cost, SPC walls
panels provide any room with the extremely high end finish of marble without
the extremely high price tag, high weight, physical restrictions or natural restrictions
of natural marble stone.


Our SPC wall panels feature
a 10 year warranty. If installed correctly, the panels will remain in their
pristine condition without blistering, cracking or warping for a minimum of 10

As SPC wall panels are
extremely hardy, they can potentially last as long as your bathroom, given the
correct care and maintenance. We recommend resealing any joins periodically to
increase their life span.

Click here to view our comprehensive installation guide