AusStone Slim Stone Golden - A7

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Delight in the supreme luxury of AusStone - Australia's only artificial stone wall cladding. This robust, faux stone features supreme protection from natural elements such as water, heat, cold, UV rays, and warping, for up to 18 years. With its emulative, tactile texture, AusStone can bring a touch of finesse and nature to any area, from walls to soundproofing, to structural improvement projects. Additionally, its weightless composition makes it hassle-free to install. Refresh any residential or commercial area with a simple yet spectacular transformation, its natural stone hues and textures are sure to catch the eye.

The Slim Stone finish produces a more textured finish, high lighting the rocky grains along with the subtle crevices and curves. The Slim Stone finish is an artful way to add rustic texture to any space, making it look and feel like a million bucks.


  • Dimensions - 1200x600x30mm
  • Suitablity - interior and exterior use
  • Applications - interior and exterior facade decor, sound dampening, water feature use, feature wall decor, perfect for your man cave, office backdrop walls, wall cladding, retail product presentation, interior design for restaurants, cafes etc. In addition to their accoustic reduction properties, our artificial stone panels are also thermal insulating.
  • Environmentaly safe - artificial stone is more mold and mildew resistant than natural stone.
  • Long lasting - featuring an 18 year warranty, artificial stone panels are made to last. Manufactured with multiple layers of high strength coatings, provide a longer lasting finish when exposed to sunlight, weather conditions and pollution.
  • Ultra light weight - each panel weighs approximately 2.0kg
  • Durability - made of highly durable polyurethane, making each panel resitant to knocks and scratches.
  • Weather resistant - water proof, heat and cold resistant, UV stabilised to avoid colour fading, reduced risk of cracking and warping.
  • Eco friendly - no natural stone harvesting or deforestation involved in production. Each panel utilises the latest manufacturing techniques to reduce their environmental footprint during production.
  • Child & Pet safe - made from harmless polyurethane, featuring no harmful chemicals, odours or debris.
  • Fire retardent - heat resistant and fire retardent material
  • Simple DIY - designed for extremely quick and easy installation. Save on installation costs compared to natural stone. This product can be installed quickly as it is light weight and simply requires glue or screws to install. It's light weight design make it easy to lift during installation as well as being quick apply. The artificial stone can be easy cut to shape or size with a saw prior to installation. Complex or expensive machinary and tools not required.
  • Natural experience - inspired by and designed to replicate nature, the artificial stone panels look and feel like the real thing with a fraction of the cost, weight and hassle. The 3D accents of the panel give it an indistinguishably natural appearance. 
  • Safety - extremely light weight panels reduce the risk of injury during installation and after installation from falling panels. They are also softer than natural stone resulting in less injury if someone falls onto the wall.