Golf Putting Grass 12mm

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Our Golf Putting Grass is a high-quality, pro-grade artificial turf specifically designed for golf putting. With its realistic look and feel, it provides the perfect surface for practicing your golf game. Invest in your skills and perfect your putting with our reliable and durable Golf Putting Grass. Designed for professional-grade golf putting, our artificial turf mimics the look and feel of a real golf course. You'll get consistent, reliable results as you practice and perfect your game. Invest in your skills and elevate your putting game with our top-of-the-line Golf Putting Grass.

For optimum performance, we recommend using a higher ratio of artificial grass sand for our golf putting grass. Apply one 20kg bag every 3-5 square metres.


Height: 12mm

Density: 28,100 TFT

Width: 2 metre & 4 metre.

Warranty: 10 year UV warranty & 30 year life warranty 

child and pet safe

No harmful chemicals 

"Grass Cool" technology to keep your grass cooler