Artificial Grass Joining Tape - 15 metres

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Don't let those joins break up! Ausgrass artificial grass joining tape is designed for quick and easy installation of artificial grass. The strong adhesive backing and pre-glued substrate create a strong bond between two pieces of grass. It is impact and weather-resistant, making it perfect for outdoor applications. No more time wasted on messy glue application!

Featuring its two stage application process for mess free, easy DIY installation. Much like a bandaid, simply peel off one layer of protective plastic and adhere the tape to the backing of one piece of grass ensuring you pat it down to create a firm bond. Then repeat the process for the second piece of grass, ensuring the two pieces of artificial grass are nice and close together along the entire join. Be sure to keep the join tight and even along the entire join. Once the taping process is complete, its time to stomp down your artificial grass along the join to be extra sure the bonding process is firmly secured.


Width: 160mm

Length: 15 metres